Where I’m From We Eat By: Jessica Santana Inspired By: Willie Perdomo

If I said I was from Mexico, where in the mornings you wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread with a cup of coffee ready to be served in another hand. Where your surrounded by the ones you love from early in the morning till late at night. Having a variety of different pan de dulce but with the most favorable one my family asks for, would you know where I’m from? Where I’m from we eat pan de huevo commonly referred to as Conchas. I’ve enjoyed these tasty treats as a child with a cup of café con leche. Nothing can compare to the sweet and moist sensation you take a bite from. Its time consuming but worth having a sweet taste in your mouth. In any occasion you can eat this and it’s not so difficult to make as it seems. Where I’m from Its made by the ones who wake up at the brisk of dawn at the earliest light of the day. The person who made it the best would be my aunt when she tells stories as she places them in the oven.


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