Anna Nurse Memo By: Jessica Santana

Date: December 12, 2013

To: Professor Akana

From: Jessica Santana

Subject: Anna Nurse Workshop Memo

Who was the presenter?

The presenter was Craig Hobson. He is an executive chef in Le Cirque. Craig has presented two different dishes in which he told us step by step. The dishes were Corn flan and the second dish was Chicken breast with shallots.

Did you learn something new?

Yes. I learned that there is another quick and simple way to cook the chicken without the long wait using the stove. With just the use of a ziploc bag the chicken breast was cooked in a water bath at 143 degrees Fahrenheit.

Did you like the presentation? Why or why not?

I liked the presentation because he explained it clearly and step by step. Also because we got the chance to taste what he was preparing.


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