Anna Nurse Memo – Hollie Foster

Date: December 19, 2013

To: Professor Akana

From: Hollie Foster

Subject: Anna Nurse Workshop Memo

Who was the presenter?

Craig Hobson, the executive chef at Le Cirque, presented today. He has been training under highly experienced chefs for many years. He prepared for us two dishes; corn flan as an appetizer, and chicken breast with shallots for our main course. He substituted a few of the ordinary ingredients in order to give his dishes a personal touch.

Did you learn something new?

Yes! He cooked the chicken in a way I had never seen before- placing it in a Ziploc bag and cooking it in 143° water until the outside was crispy, but the inside was still moist and flavorful. It’s time consuming, but an excellent option for the optimal result.

Did you like the presentation? Why or why not?

The presentation was great! The food was delicious, and a wonderful combination of flavors was pleasant and interesting. The fact that we were able to sample his special recipes was a wonderful surprise.

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