Anna Nurse Workshop Memo

Date:  December 12, 2013

To:  Professor Akana

From:  Elizabeth Zhagui

Subject:  Anna Nurse Workshop Memo

For the First Anna Nurse Workshop chef, teacher, and cookbook author Nick Malgieri prepared Yufka:  Turkish Dough for Savory Pastries, Peynirli Boreg: Feta and mint Boreg which had an extraordinary minty taste.  Another extraordinary dish Malgieri created was Patatesli Peynirli Gozleme, Griddle-Baked Boreg Filled with Potatoes and cheese, which is often eaten for breakfast in Turkey.  Let me not forget about the last and best dish Turkish Pistachios Rolls, its sweet flavor left me wanting more.  Being my first Anna Nurse, I enjoy it a lot very since dish had its own amazing flavor. 

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