Where I am From We Eat… By Oscar Garcia Inspired by Willie Perdomo

rompopo baleadas


If I said I was from La Ceiba, Honduras, the city considered the girlfriend of Honduras because of the beauty of the mountains, the place with some of the most beautiful beaches and rivers in the country and Central America, The place that hosts the most famous, fun and highly assisted parade in the country, A place that is equipped with many adventurous activities, let’s not forget about the delicious and delightful food, drinks and deserts would you know where I am from? Where I am from we eat Baleadas. Baleadas are flower tortillas folded on half filled with whatever you desire, usually they are filled with blended beans, scrambled eggs and feta cheese and a drop of cream along with a glass of rompopo which is made of blended eggs, milk, sugar, almonds and a hint of rum will make the food a total pleasure. When I was in La Ceiba, every friday afternoon that I got home from school the smell of the warm baleadas being made by grandma was like walking into heaven. The smell told me to throw my books to the side and rush to the kitchen and steal a tortilla from my grandma and always had a glass of sweet rompopo. Every time my mom makes baleadas it brings me back when I was a little kid and used to bother my grandmother to make me baleadas and rompopo every week. This  dish  makes me remember and identify myself of where I am from and keep my culture vivid in my persona.




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i am 19 years old, hobbies are soccer and running through the park.
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  1. Adventure and beauty, a great combination.

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