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i am 19 years old, hobbies are soccer and running through the park.

Anna Nurse Workshop Memo

Date: December 10, 2013 To: professor Akana From: Oscar Garcia Subject: Anna Nurse Workshop Memo The Anna Nurse workshop series presented chef and award winning cookbook author James Peterson. Chef Peterson presented the famous butter Ā sauce Beurre Blanc. Buerre Blanc … Continue reading

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Uncle Batchagalouppe

Uncle Batchagalouppe is a provider of authentic Italian product made in Brooklyn, located in 222 Wakeman Place.Ā UncleĀ BatchagalouppeĀ createsĀ authentic Italian cookies, always freshly made in small batches just like in an Italian kitchen. Uncle Batchagalouppe is currently owned by his nephew award … Continue reading

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Where I am From We Eat… By Oscar Garcia Inspired by Willie Perdomo

  If I said I was from La Ceiba, Honduras, the city considered the girlfriend of Honduras because of the beauty of the mountains, the place with some of the most beautiful beaches and rivers in the country and Central … Continue reading

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