Anna Nurse Workshop Memo

Date : December 18, 2013

To: Professor Akana

From: Eboni Boston

Subject: Anna Nurse Workshop Memo

The person that presented at the Anna Nurse workshop was Chef Craig Hubson. He is from Australia, also he is the executive chef at Le Cirque. The Dish he had prepared for an appetizer was Corn Flan. This dish was made using not your ordinary methods. Instead of using egg Chef Hubson use Locust and Agar Agar, so that the corn flan could hold it’s shape in the mold once it was taking out of the mold. Once the Corn Flan was ready he sprinkled hard crispy corn on the top. Finally he sauced it was a Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette. The second dish he prepared was chicken breast with shallots in saffron. This dish was also made untraditional, he cooked the chicken breast in a Ziploc bag then put it in water bath that was heated at a constant temperature of 143 degrees Fahrenheit. After he put the chicken in a pan and crisped both sides of the chicken. Finally he topped the chicken with mint leaves and shallots in saffron.

I enjoyed both dishes that Chef Craig Hubson made. They were both two unique dish that I never had, and I wouldn’t mind having them again. The presentation of both of the dishes were very bright and had great color overall. Definitely a great Chef in my eyes.

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