Where Im From We Eat Sancocho By: Clarissa De la Rosa Inspired By : Willie Perdomo

If I said I was from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where family is the heart of your soul, the rhythm of the music boils your Caribbean blood and forces you to dance in a way you cant control, and every birthday, wedding, graduation, holiday or even that first tooth that comes out of your mouth means a huge celebration with loud music, delicious foods, and drinks, would you know where I was from ? Where I am from we eat Sancocho. Sancocho is a very heavy weighted soup with tender beef, chicken, pork, plantains, yuca, vegetables, sopitas, and flour balls and is served with white rice and avocado. When I open the door of my home and my mom who cooks sancocho the best is stirring the pot the smell of the lime and peppers boiling, comes directly to me and opens my stomach like a volcano ready to irrupt. My eyes open and my mind automatically says “Go put a nice outfit on and get your hair done it’s a special day and a big celebration will be going on”. Sancocho is made on any special occasion whether it’s for a birthday, a Friday, or a get together. Sancocho transports me Back home and fills my heart up with excitement!

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