BLOG IV – Work progress update

By the end of the week, I had already worked 84 hours for my internship. And I will be able to meet up my 120 hours requirement on July 5.

This week’s work focused on continuing with revising and coloring my work on the current project, which I completed on Wednesday. I personally like it when I review my work, which obviously improves my understanding of composition, storyboard, and color theory. Then I also learned that it is essential to check the work several times before delivering it to the supervisor, avoiding wasting unnecessary time during the project.

After I delivered my work and revised the mistake I had made in it, I discussed with my supervisor about the deliverable for how to publicize this creation. Finally, we decided to make a short video to promote this work. Therefore, my next mission is to make related promotional motion graphics based on the completed work contents.

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Ethical Assignment – Entry II

A) I have always indicated the resources I use at the end of my essay assignment or design projects. Because I know that when I use other people’s articles or works in my own things, those resources are only an external help to enrich my creations, and they do not belong to me. As a result, I have to respect and follow those authors’ rules by using their works. If I put myself in someone else’s shoes when a person uses my work of their own without mentioning I’m the original author of that work, this bad behavior really annoys me.

B) The Fairey Copyright Case is a typical case of copyright infringement, which can remind designers how important copyright is. In this case, Mr.Fairey knew what he was doing, but he still took a chance and tried to avoid punishment for his wrongdoings by finding legal loopholes in Ap. This kind of wrong behavior is a good lesson for everyone. I think what Mr. Fairey gets for his final punishment is something he deserved.


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Ethical Assignment – Entry I

A) As a designer, I’m bound to be exposed to all kinds of resources when designing for clients. The design itself is a matter of time. Therefore, if there are some suitable existing resources, it will greatly reduce the design time cost. At this time, it will involve the copyright of the resources themselves.

Based on what I’ve found, there are three common scenarios about the copyright of the resources. One allows the designer to purchase the right to use the resources, while the other allows the designer to use the resources for free but needs to mention the related information. The last one is designers can use the material if it is not commercially available. In addition, even if the designer buys permission for some resources, the author may still not allow the designer to use their resources for a second creation.

The above is all about the basic ethical standards the design industry needs to follow, which also play a role in my current internship. I’m currently working on a digital promotional project for my company; therefore, I might use different music and typeface resources to enrich my work. I very much pay attention to these resources’ copyright so as not to violate the right of the authors. Suppose I violate the resource’s copyright, and my work was officially published to the media platform by my company. In that case, the subsequent problems will cause my company to suffer losses. So I have to be careful.


B) Since my work does not involve core content within my company, I do not need to sign a Non-disclosure agreement. But after I read the sample Non-disclosure agreement, I have a basic understanding of what this agreement is about and what requires the employee to obey after signing.

*Resource: “Non-disclosure agreement,”

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BLOG III – Work In progress

By the end of this week, I’m done with my first version storyboard. I presented my progress to my supervisor, and we discussed what needed to be changed and the project’s next steps.

First, according to the scripts my supervisor provides, I draw some battle scenes to set off the atmosphere corresponding to the script. But there is one thing that is not suitable because our game project has its own monster characters, so I draw the monsters based on my imagination is inappropriate. Nothing needs to be modified except this problem for now; as a result, I will be working on completing the comics and coloring them next week.

Furthermore, We also discuss the deliverable. We plan to publish this comic on social media for publicity, so the vertical scrolling format is used at the beginning. However, since the finished comic has 7 pages, we decided to make it into a short video to shorten the reading time of the audience, considering that not all of the audience will read all the pages. Therefore, this decision required me to use a different Comic Strip format to draw the comic, to have an appropriate size for the post-production video.


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BLOG II – Let’s do it!

After a brief interview, I started my work. My main task is to publicize the company’s current game projects and combine my graphic design, illustration, and motion graphics skills in the promotion methods. This week, I will be working on my first drawing of a promotional comic for our project; I need to create the first storyboard based on the script given by my supervisor. By the end of this week, I will send my draft version of the storyboard to my supervisor and discuss it to see what is the next step.

*I feel that my work is just like completing the project assigned by the professor in the class, but I need to be more self-conscious. Am I correct to feel this way? XD

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BLOG I – Seeking opportunities

I’m still looking and applying for internships and entry-level jobs in the field I want for the first week. Some companies rejected me, and some of them still did not reply to me.

Although I know that job hunting is a patient job, I have a positive mindset about it. But I still worry that my portfolio is too introductory and that I will not be able to get into the industry. To alleviate this worry, I can only learn new skills and exercise daily to increase my confidence.

Then I’m lucky that my friend gives me a chance that I might be able to start my internship, but I have to wait until June 6 for the interview.

Then I’m also getting a project to design a logo for a start-up company’s website, at least I do not waste this week.

Hoping I can get the job after the interview.

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