BLOG VII – Self-Reflection

I want to add that it is a fantastic learning opportunity that gives me practical work experience. I have applied all of my skills during the internship, and it somehow makes me feel incredibly good about the work I’m doing for other people.

In addition, I discovered something important; when working with co-workers, communication can often be more crucial than the calibre of a designer’s abilities. It is not a designer’s portfolio because the final delivery should be something that can demonstrate the company’s value, as a result, communication is a means of letting people discover this value, and it would require some time to revise repeatedly.

Another thing I want to point out is the ability to manage your time well. I’m happy to say that I always use this ability in all of my academic tasks. People with effective time management skills not only work more productively but also avoid letting work interfere with their personal lives, which results in a win-win situation.

The development of software or design abilities will come last. I initially have no notion of what I’m going to make when I’m working on the project my supervisor assigned to me. To be really honest, I’m worried that I won’t be able to satisfy them. But for now, I’d want to express that I’m happy with the outcome I got from them. People will have varying levels of skill as designers, and I believe this to be normal. So, I’m attempting to set a high bar for my objective and work toward getting there. Even if I didn’t reach that standard, I think my talents would still advance. This is the mentality I acquired via my internship, and it has helped me to stop self-doubt. What I now know is just practice.

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