BLOG V – Mission ready to Complete

I eventually finished my first project after working on it for a few weeks and giving it to my supervisor.

This week, I produced two different videos based on the comic I created. One of the videos will advertise our company’s just launched new comic book series, and the second video will act as an automatic reading of the comic. But the second video might be finished in the next upcoming week. As a result, I leverage my motion graphics expertise and give this project my all.

I’m delighted my supervisor approved of the result. And as the video clip was being produced, my supervisor and I talked about the soundtrack effect and background music to decide which would be used in the finished product.

This project taught me how to collaborate with others the way I do in class. For instance, discussing the project, exchanging ideas, and then putting the recommendation into practice to see what happens. I think the most crucial factor in enhancing the project is how individuals interact with one another because everyone has a unique perspective.

Screenshot from my work.

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