Project II – Shape Pos/Neg and Symmetry

Shapes are two-dimensional and can be organic or geometric, irregular, or regular. They may refer to a form, such as a figure, plant, object etc, but exist as a two-dimensional area with little reference to three-dimensional properties.

Positive and Negative shapes, when used in art and design, refers to the areas around the dominant shape, what we usually call background.

In this assignment, I need to find a photo for plants, flowers, or leaves, after that, I have to sketch that out. Furthermore, I need to divide the composition with a thin line. (1/2 the composition will be drawn with white positive plant shapes on Black inked negative shapes, and 1/2 the composition will be drawing with plant shapes in black on the white negative shape.) The final step is to transfer the plant drawing to Photoshop or illustrator, and to create the modules from it. It is interesting when I create the modules following the symmetry principles, the outcomes are something that I can’t imagine.