Project IV – Value and Texture: Monochrome Color Collage

I think the goals of this assignment are let me recognize Hue, Value and Saturation; to create overall Composition that has Gradation, contrast; and shows range in hue, a saturation of the chosen color, and Value.

There are some elements that we need to use in this assignment, they are Value, Tints, Shades, Tone, texture, gradation, and contrast.

Project 4 and Project 3 are similar, but project 4 needs to choose a color that I like to create my work. So, I pick light blue to purple. (In fact, it is not just picking a singular color, it more likes picking a color range. For instance, if a person who picks red, and then, he/she needs to use red-violet, red, and red-orange.)

After I have made my decision, I try to find some color pieces which I need from the magazines, and then, this work comes out. ^0^