Ethics in Graphic Design – Entry I

A) As a designer, I’m bound to be exposed to all kinds of resources when designing for clients. The design itself is a matter of time. Therefore, if there are some suitable existing resources, it will greatly reduce the design time cost. At this time, it will involve the copyright of the resources themselves.

Based on what I’ve found, there are three common scenarios about the copyright of the resources. One allows the designer to purchase the right to use the resources, while the other allows the designer to use the resources for free but needs to mention the related information. The last one is designers can use the material if it is not commercially available. In addition, even if the designer buys permission for some resources, the author may still not allow the designer to use their resources for a second creation.

The above is all about the basic ethical standards the design industry needs to follow, which also play a role in my current internship. I’m currently working on a digital promotional project for my company; therefore, I might use different music and typeface resources to enrich my work. I very much pay attention to these resources’ copyright so as not to violate the right of the authors. Suppose I violate the resource’s copyright, and my work was officially published to the media platform by my company. In that case, the subsequent problems will cause my company to suffer losses. So I have to be careful.


B) Since my work does not involve core content within my company, I do not need to sign a Non-disclosure agreement. But after I read the sample Non-disclosure agreement, I have a basic understanding of what this agreement is about and what requires the employee to obey after signing.

*Resource: “Non-disclosure agreement,”

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