BLOG III – Work In progress

By the end of this week, I’m done with my first version storyboard. I presented my progress to my supervisor, and we discussed what needed to be changed and the project’s next steps.

First, according to the scripts my supervisor provides, I draw some battle scenes to set off the atmosphere corresponding to the script. But there is one thing that is not suitable because our game project has its own monster characters, so I draw the monsters based on my imagination is inappropriate. Nothing needs to be modified except this problem for now; as a result, I will be working on completing the comics and coloring them next week.

Furthermore, We also discuss the deliverable. We plan to publish this comic on social media for publicity, so the vertical scrolling format is used at the beginning. However, since the finished comic has 7 pages, we decided to make it into a short video to shorten the reading time of the audience, considering that not all of the audience will read all the pages. Therefore, this decision required me to use a different Comic Strip format to draw the comic, to have an appropriate size for the post-production video.


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BLOG III_Chinese Version
BLOG III_English Version

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