Ethics in Graphic Design – Entry II

A) I have always indicated the resources I use at the end of my essay assignment or design projects. Because I know that when I use other people’s articles or works in my own things, those resources are only an external help to enrich my creations, and they do not belong to me. As a result, I have to respect and follow those authors’ rules by using their works. If I put myself in someone else’s shoes when a person uses my work of their own without mentioning I’m the original author of that work, this bad behavior really annoys me. And here is the link about how to copyright a graphic design, I think it is very useful information for every designer.


B) The Fairey Copyright Case is a typical case of copyright infringement, which can remind designers how important copyright is. In this case, Mr.Fairey knew what he was doing, but he still took a chance and tried to avoid punishment for his wrongdoings by finding legal loopholes in Ap. This kind of wrong behavior is a good lesson for everyone. I think what Mr. Fairey gets for his final punishment is something he deserved.


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