Maram Awadh Media Share #11

In the text “Beyoncé, Sex Terrorist: A Menace for Conservatives and Liberals Alike” by Noah Berlatsky, the author discusses Beyonce and how she isn’t a feminist because of her music video titled “partition.” He says that she isn’t a good role model for young girls and that she’s a anti-feminist. I chose this photo because I think it represents what women consistently go through in society. Women are constantly being ripped apart and judged about everything they do, especially celebrities. Beyonce has always been a role model for young girls and women and once she does something “controversial” she gets judged by men for being too sexually or anti feminist. They ignore all the things she’s done for women and how much confidence she gives these young girls, especially young African American girls. Beyonce will always be judged regardless of what she does, whether she does something good or bad people are always going to point out something.

Maram Awadh Media Share #10

I chose this article for my media share because it discusses the evolution of hip hop and how people looked at this genre back in the day. When hip hop first came about, many people in the United States hated it and used to talk down on this genre of music. I find this ironic because in this day and age hip hop is one of the most popular genres and it’s looked up too. In the text, the author mentions some artists that are known in hip hop, one being jay z and the Infamous 2pac and biggie smalls. There all really famous rappers that paved the way to this genre. In the article it states “Hip Hop culture and rap (a method of vocal delivery popularised through hip hop music) have for more than four decades been bundled with a range of negative connotations, leading many like Bratton to equate them only with profanity, misogyny, violence and crime. Prosecutors in the US have labelled rap lyrics a criminal threat, and numerous studies have been undertaken on the harmful influence of hip hop on kids.” This quote demonstrates what people thought of hip hop when it first began. Hip hop came a long way, too being the most hated to the most loved/popular.

Maram Awadh Media Share 8

I chose this photo for my media share because it correlates to Reese Okyung Kwon, “There Must Be More.” In this text, Okyung talks about the song “There Must Be More” by David Ruis and how it talks about someone going through a hard time and losing faith. It states “I am crying out for something real because I know, deep in my soul, that there must be more. I am tired and weak, but I keep hanging on.” This quote basically sums up what the vibe of the song is. It’s a sad song, which is why I chose this particular photo. This photo shows a girl in distress and there’s another figure next to her screaming. The second figure might indicate her true emotions. I chose this photo because it correlates with this sad song. Some artists write songs as a way to express their sadness and feelings. People have different ways to deal with their anger or sadness and this is one of them. I know personally when I get upset, I tend to listen to sad songs just because it makes me know that I’m not the only one going through rough times.

Maram Awadh Zoom Mtg 7 Summary

After watching the zoom recording I learned what a scholarly article actually is. I never really knew what it was exactly but this recording helped explain it to me. I’m familiar with Google Scholar because I used it to write my ten page research paper when I was a junior in highschool. My teacher made us use google scholar to find articles for us to include in our papers. Google scholar made it easier to find factual articles that are reliable and include evidence to prove or support their statement. When I would use google to search for articles, it wouldn’t give me an article with reliable facts. The articles were biased and did not provide any to little evidence to back up their claim and I knew if I used these articles they wouldn’t really help my essay, it would make my essay weak because there isn’t any solid evidence that backs up what my statement is. I’m glad that we get to use google scholar for our Essay #2 because it makes things way easier for us to find good articles to use in our essays. Also, I agree with what Dom said about people being disconnected from each other and they need a sense of connection by sticking in a group that have similar things in common like race, skin color, interests, etc. I agree with this because people tend to feel comfortable or safe around people that are just like them and have similar things in common. When they are around people like them, they don’t feel like an outcast.

Maram Awadh Media Share 7

I chose this article for my media share because it relates to Jerry Salz’ “Art at Arm’s Length.” The article that I chose talks about the negative effects of selfie’s and how it can affect someone’s self-esteem and confidence. I chose this particular article for this text because the text goes into depth of the art of selfies and it’s only fitting to mention the negative effects of it. Selfies may seem like it doesn’t do anything bad but nowadays on social media, selfies are manipulated and people use filters and photoshop to make themselves fit into these unrealistic beauty standards. Majority of the selfies we see on social media aren’t natural but people, especially young teens believe they are. This affects them because they’ll start to want to look like this and question themselves about why their selfies don’t come out that good and perfect. In reality, those selfies on social media aren’t real.

Maram Awadh Zoom Mtg 6 Summary

While watching the zoom recording I learned about the different types of thesis statements. I learned what a definitional and theoretical thesis are. In my essays, I normally always use a definitional thesis because that was the way I was taught to write a thesis statement. I never knew there were other ways to write your thesis, this helps me change up the ways I write my essays because I always stick to the same format while writing my essays so this could be a way to change it up. If I was able to join the zoom call, I would have answered the question the professor asked which was “Do you think you have internet addiction?”. I would have said that I think I do have an addiction but it isn’t as bad as other people. I only use my phone a lot when I’m bored and have nothing to do or when i’m doing school work (especially now because of corona) but when im with family or friends I notice that i’m not on my phone at all. I remember when I went to Michigan to visit my relatives, I had so much fun that I literally lost my phone. I didn’t look at my phone for almost two weeks because I was so entertained and was going out with my family. During those two weeks I felt really good that I wasn’t on my phone because I know when I’m on my phone I get distracted and don’t interact with the people around me. I’m glad I was able to spend time with my family and not focus on my phone. I just wish I took pictures but overall it was a nice time to disconnect from the interent and spend time with my family.

Maram Awadh Media Share 6


  1. This picture relates to the topic of internet addictions that were discussed in Christopher Lane “Addicted to Addiction”, Jerald G. Block “Issues for DSM-5: Internet Addiction” and Griffiths et al.“The Evolution of Internet Addiction.” These texts all talk about the negative effect of internet addictions and how the majority of us are addicted to our phones. I chose this picture because it truly shows how being addicted to your phone can affect your social life. In the picture you can see that they’re on a date and instead of him paying attention to the girl, he’s on his phone. The girl is seen being upset or bored because he’s not chatting with her and is just obsessed with his phone. This can affect him negatively because she won’t want to go on a date with him anymore and he’s not going to have a social life if he continues doing this. Internet addiction is a huge problem nowadays because we use our phones everyday. Learning how to take time off and be social with the people around you, can benefit you way more than being on your phone all the time.
  2. While reading these texts I had an idea about writing about social media and the negative influence it has on us, especially young people who believe everything they see on the internet. A song that relates to this topic is Damon Albarn “Everyday Robots.” This song also fits in with what the texts are talking about which is internet addiction. In the song, it says that we’re basically like robots because we’re constantly on the internet and not doing anything else with our life’s. The internet has taken control of our lives.

Maram Awadh Zoom Mtg 5 Summary

I was unable to attend Wednesday’s zoom meeting but if I was there I would have shared my Anaphora list (I made a list while watching the zoom recording) and explained that the reason I chose to repeat the word “friends” was because it relates to my essay #1. While listening to the zoom meeting I learned what a Anaphora was, before attending the recording I didn’t really know what it was and was confused about Friday’s assignment but after listening to the zoom recording I figured out what a Anaphora list was and it made it easier for me to make my own list. We often see these lists in songs, texts, speeches, etc but I never knew there was an actual term for it. I found it really interesting when you said “lists can help us organize and build connections between different thoughts.” I agree with what you said because personally for me I like writing lists to help remind me of things I need to do like homework or chores. I write lists daily because it helps me stay organized and productive. I usually forget about assignments that are due so writing it down really helps me remember things. Also, the sub-list assignment was a way to help us make connections between topics that usually don’t have anything in common. It made me think outside the box and find something in common between unusual topics. The only question I have is about Essay 2, It says in the assignment that we need to include 2-3 texts in our essay, does it have to be a text we were assigned by you or any text ?

Maram Awadh Media Share 5

For this week’s media share I chose this art piece that relates to Serpells “Triptych:Texas Pool Party” text. The reason I chose this is because the incident in the text involved police brutality. A African American teenage girl was violently restrained by one of the police officers called to the area. The cop also pulled out his gun to the teenagers who were at the party as well. This is one of the many incidents where police have been rough and used excessive force especially to African Americans in the United States. This picture relates to the text because we can see the police officer reach for his gun but there isn’t a reason for him to do that. We see innocent kids that are just staring at the officer causing no harm. There ain’t no threat for the officer to reach for his gun or taser. I chose this picture for this text because they both highlight police brutality against African Amerians in the United States.