Zoom Meeting Recordings (links)

Zoom 1 Recording Link (8/26: Essay 1, Media Shares, Gloria Naylor, “A Word’s Meaning Often Depends on Who Says It”)

Zoom 2 Recording Link (9/2: Dream Scene Writing | Conflict, Scene, and Irony in Andrea Chu’s “The Pink”)

Zoom 3 Recording Link (9/9: Showing Conflict through Scene, Significant Details in Arsanios’ “April-May-June” | Showing Transformation from Beginning to End, Writing about Online “Scenes”, Listing in Tortorici’s “My Instagram”)

Zoom 4 Recording Link (9/16: Experimental Narrative Perspectives in Serpell’s “Triptych,” Rhythm & Sound & Reading Aloud, to be continued…)

Zoom 5 Recording Link (9/23: Lists, Lists, Lists, Anaphora Prompt, Conversation with Dom & Noelia about Reality, Discord, and the Dark Web and many other things; Essay 2 Assignment intro)

Zoom 6 Recording Link (9/30: Librarian Nora Almeida gives a tour of research resources for Essay 2; List-based definitional thesis statements and Critical/Theoretical Thesis statements: Jerald Block’s “Internet Addiction” vs. Christopher Lane’s “Addicted to Addiction”)

Zoom 7 Recording Link (10/7: Fight Club Podcast Preview; Identifying a scholarly article (vs. Vogue articles…; Griffiths et al. on Internet Addiction); Google Scholar v. Google; Thesis Statements: from X “is” to X “does”; K-Hole’s thesis on “Normcore”)

Zoom 8 Recording Link (10/21: How to begin Essay 2; Building connections between “normcore” aesthetics, online surveillance, and Drake’s “meme-ability”; Dialogue with Dom on Research Methods and “Prove”-ability)

Zoom 9 Recording Link (10/28: Writing about Sound; Jace Clayton on Vince Staples’ “Summertime ’06”)

Zoom 10 Recording Link (11/4: Close-reading and asking questions about lyrics; linking lyric questions to social issues)

Zoom 11 Recording Link (11/11: Connecting details from research to details in a song—for examply, Sanneh’s connecting Jay-Z’s bio to Jay-Z’s lyrics; more on close reading lyrics; Beyonce & politics of interpretation; moralizing interpretation (Hooks, O’Reilly) vs. interpreting the artist’s work as autonomously “intelligent” (Berlatsky) )

Zoom 12 Recording Link (11/18: Re-Reading to Re-Write; Essay 3 Assignment)

Zoom 13 Recording (12/2: Quotation & Citation in Essay 2; Exploring the Meanings of “Trolling” and “Virus”–exercises for Essay 3)

Zoom 14 Recording

Final Zoom Meeting