Essay 2 Research Resources (links)

MUSIC SOURCES (lyrics, background info on them, interpretations of them)
ONLINE LITERARY & &ART PUBLICATIONS | search within these sites, or Google your topic and add the publication title
REFERENCE SOURCES | a good place to begin: big-picture info on a word/topic
Gale Virtual Reference Library (encyclopedia/tertiary sources)
Google Trends (search usage of key terms in Google searches, from 2004–present)
Google Books Ngram Viewer (search usage of key terms in books, from 1500-2008)
RESOURCES FOR GENERAL/NON-SCHOLARLY ARTICLES | use non-scholarly sources for deepening your understanding of a topic
CUNY OneSearch (search everything in CUNY’s library system)
Opposing Viewpoints (tertiary source on debates; especially good for topics in politics and news)
RESOURCES FOR SCHOLARLY ARTICLES | here is where you will find the most detailed, rigorous (i.e., challenging-to-read and also writing that has been “challenged” by an editorial board of experts on the topic) academic work on a topic
Google Scholar (general array of scholarly texts; not discipline specific)
Project Muse (humanities and social science articles; theory)
Academic OneFile (general academic articles; not discipline specific)
Applied Science & Tech Database (science & tech sources)
Academic Search Complete (general database of scholarly and non-scholarly articles)
Kanopy (full-length films and documentaries)
Underground & Independent Comics (comics and graphic novels)
JSTOR (literary criticism & theory)
MLA Bibliography (literary sources)