Maram Awadh Media Share 8

I chose this photo for my media share because it correlates to Reese Okyung Kwon, “There Must Be More.” In this text, Okyung talks about the song “There Must Be More” by David Ruis and how it talks about someone going through a hard time and losing faith. It states “I am crying out for something real because I know, deep in my soul, that there must be more. I am tired and weak, but I keep hanging on.” This quote basically sums up what the vibe of the song is. It’s a sad song, which is why I chose this particular photo. This photo shows a girl in distress and there’s another figure next to her screaming. The second figure might indicate her true emotions. I chose this photo because it correlates with this sad song. Some artists write songs as a way to express their sadness and feelings. People have different ways to deal with their anger or sadness and this is one of them. I know personally when I get upset, I tend to listen to sad songs just because it makes me know that I’m not the only one going through rough times.

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