Maram Awadh Media Share #11

In the text “Beyoncé, Sex Terrorist: A Menace for Conservatives and Liberals Alike” by Noah Berlatsky, the author discusses Beyonce and how she isn’t a feminist because of her music video titled “partition.” He says that she isn’t a good role model for young girls and that she’s a anti-feminist. I chose this photo because I think it represents what women consistently go through in society. Women are constantly being ripped apart and judged about everything they do, especially celebrities. Beyonce has always been a role model for young girls and women and once she does something “controversial” she gets judged by men for being too sexually or anti feminist. They ignore all the things she’s done for women and how much confidence she gives these young girls, especially young African American girls. Beyonce will always be judged regardless of what she does, whether she does something good or bad people are always going to point out something.

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