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In the text “BeyoncĂ©, Sex Terrorist: A Menace for Conservatives and Liberals Alike” by Noah Berlatsky, the author makes a response to O’Reilly’s claim about how he believes Beyonce portrays a bad image to teenagers and the society today than what she used when she was younger. For example O’Reilly states that “Teenage girls look up to BeyoncĂ©, particularly girls of
color. Why would she do it when she knows the devastation that unwanted pregnancies. … Why would BeyoncĂ© do that?”it also states “I see a part of BeyoncĂ© that is, in fact, anti-feminist—that is, a terrorist—especially in terms of the impact on young girls,”. I personally disagree with this statement, yes I do agree that a lot of people especially teenagers look up to Beyonce as a role model, but I don’t believe that her actions is intentional or would influence peoples actions. Over time the different trends pop up and as a celebrity Beyonce has to keep up and make the trend her own. Many singers and rappers do the same thing in our society today such as Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, City girls, and many more in which they are not getting banished or called “anti feminist” because of the way they dress or the image they portray, these rappers all wear revealing clothes and also have teenage girls who look up to them.  I feel like if parents have a problem with the way Beyonce dresses or portrays her-self it’s their responsibility to not let their kids dress the same way. I also feel like in our generation today this is typically what singers and rappers wear, which relates to my point about new trends. Yes Beyonce never dressed like that before but people need to understand that this is not the 90s or early 2000s, trends changes over time. I feel like Beyonce and these other celebrities are just embracing their bodies which does not seem anti feminist at all. If people are going to talk about the way female rappers dress they should also talk about how male rapper constantly call women “thots”, and “hoes” in their song constantly in this generation, which seems very anti feminist to me.

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