Maram Awadh Zoom Mtg 4 Summary

If I was able to join the 9/16 zoom meeting, I would have talked about a dream I had recently and it was about me and my family getting robbed. I remember watching one of my favorite turkish television show before going to bed and in that episode the family got robbed and ambushed as well. I guess that scene was stuck in my head because I had a dream about it happening to me and my family. I usually never remember my dreams when I wake up but this dream was different, I remember everything very clearly, as if it happened in real life. While listening to the discussion about Serpell’s text, I had the same thought as Domonic when he said “it was not biased because in the first two you can kinda see they have a biased point of view and not reliable story.” I agree with what he said about part three because it tells the point of view of the bystanders, not  of someone who was in the situation head on. The first two parts are kind of biased because they were told by people who were in the situation and the officer himself. The third part of the text wasn’t of any particular person’s point of view and just told the story as a bystander or reporter. Also, If I attended the zoom meeting I would have asked about the sub-lists that are due on friday. Some peoples lists have no similarities and I wanted to know what we do if there’s nothing in common in the list they chose.

Maram Awadh Media Share 4

  1. A instagram account filled with pictures of feces
  2. Coughing cat-
  3. A picture of a egg that broke the record of likes-
  4. A influcencer using a shoe to put her makeup on-
  5. A pedestrain getting hit by a train

Maram Awadh Media Share 3  

I chose this article for this weeks media share because it relates to Dayna Tortorici’s “My instagram.”As fun as Instagram is, its a very toxic place and can affect your mental health and wellbeing. These posts your constantly seeing can set unrealistic expectations and create feelings of low self-esteem, you might not feel like its doing anything but if your constantly on instagram and following these influencers, eventually it will get you thinking that there better than you and that there life is so called “perfect” but in reality thats not the case. In this weeks reading, we can slowly see how instagram affected her. When she first started using instagram, she thought it was innocent and she only followed people she knew but after awhile she began following fitness gurus and other influencers that posted unrealistic and edited photos and this ultimately made her self-conscious about herself. It states “I wish I could say I watched this all from a cool, critical distance. In truth, my self-image began to prune from swimming so long in the sea of fitstagram. I spent too much time at the gym and worried about my forward head position—an affliction common to people who spend too much time on their phones. My Explore page, which drives users via algorithm toward content similar to what they’ve seen or liked, became a mosaic of increasingly extreme exercisers. Looking at competitive bodybuilders, I caught myself thinking they didn’t look all that weird. This is how dysmorphia works, I thought; the algorithm only encourages it, nudging you toward extremity.”This quotes demonstrates the negative impact on instagram and how it can affected her, she proably never knew following these fitness gurus would affect her that much but sadly it did and this happens to majority of us who are on social media.

Maram Awadh Media Share 2

For my second Media Share I chose this artpeice that made me think about Chu’s text. The artpiece is of a girl being tied up with wires. The way I interperted this was that this girl is trapped and doesnt look happy at all. This reminded me of Chu’s text because she explained how even after her bottom surgery, she wasn’t satisfied or happy. It states “The truth was, I didnt feel any more like a women. I felt exactly the same.” This quote demonstrates that even with the surgery, she doesnt feel anything different about herself. The artpeice correlates to this text because the girl in the picture looks depressed and distraught.

Maram Awadh Zoom Mtg 1 Summary

Before watching the zoom recording, I was overwhelmed and lost due to the fact that I didn’t receive any information or emails about this class and was basically in the dark. After viewing this recording, I now understand a bit of what to do and what this class consists of. I learned a few things about OpenLab and how to use it for this class, I was very confused at first when I logged in but now I’m getting the hang of it. If I was in the zoom call I would have asked about the assignment that was due and where to upload it and I would have asked how to view my grades, also I would have totally used zoom emoji. I never knew we could do that, so that’s another thing I discovered. One thing I found really interesting and what stuck on my mind during the reading was when you said “Words themselves have no power in of themselves without the power that people as a community assign to them.” I found this very interesting because nowadays people use these racial slurs to degrade people, specifically people of color and they use these disgusting words to make themselves feel “higher” and more “superior” to them. They give these words a lot of power and use them against a specific type of person or group. Personally, I found the reading very interesting and I enjoyed the meaning behind it. I also enjoyed the conversations you had with the students and I hope I get to make it to your next zoom call.

Maram Awadh Self-Intro Media

For my first Media Shares I chose this song because of how meaningful it is to me and how it helps me calm down when i’m going through something difficult. The song might not have a deep message but the way it sounds and her voice really makes it sound beautiful and peaceful in my opinion. When I first listened to this song, I was going through something that really bothered me and as corny as it sounds listening to the song made my problems go away. The song made me forget about the things I was stressing about and it really helped me overcome those difficult times.