Maram Awadh Self-Intro Media

For my first Media Shares I chose this song because of how meaningful it is to me and how it helps me calm down when i’m going through something difficult. The song might not have a deep message but the way it sounds and her voice really makes it sound beautiful and peaceful in my opinion. When I first listened to this song, I was going through something that really bothered me and as corny as it sounds listening to the song made my problems go away. The song made me forget about the things I was stressing about and it really helped me overcome those difficult times.

4 thoughts on “Maram Awadh Self-Intro Media”

  1. This seems interesting to me and I can definitely relate to that. I like that this song makes you feel calm down. So, I have one question for you. Can you share your any moment where you had difficult times and this song helped you to overcome?

  2. I find it interesting how the song made you forget about the tough situations you were dealing with. And it’s interesting how this song doesn’t have a deep message but it still has a huge impact on you. One question I have is, what thoughts come into your mind when you listen to this song?

  3. Maram–I love Beyoncé. Thanks for this. Can you say more about how the song helped you get through a rough time? Or was it something about the video that helped you? It strikes me that there’s a lot of kids involved in the video—and also the sound of the track is a lot more “acoustic” than many of Beyonce’s previous work. There’s still electronic drums and sampling but it’s less bass-heavy and conventional “hip-hop” sounding than a lot of her other records…

  4. Thank you all for giving me your feed back and questions. This song really helped me out when a family member of mine, who was still very young passed away. It was a difficult time for me and my family because we never expected this to happen to him at such a young age, he was only 8 years old when he was shot and killed while outside playing with the kids in the neighborhood. Listening to this song reminded me of the times I would babysit him and take care of him when his mother was out. I would spend so much time with him that i would always refer to him as my son, so this song always reminds me of our close relationship. It truely helped me out because it helped me take my mind of his tragic death and made me think more about the good times we had together.

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