Maram Awadh Zoom Mtg 4 Summary

If I was able to join the 9/16 zoom meeting, I would have talked about a dream I had recently and it was about me and my family getting robbed. I remember watching one of my favorite turkish television show before going to bed and in that episode the family got robbed and ambushed as well. I guess that scene was stuck in my head because I had a dream about it happening to me and my family. I usually never remember my dreams when I wake up but this dream was different, I remember everything very clearly, as if it happened in real life. While listening to the discussion about Serpell’s text, I had the same thought as Domonic when he said “it was not biased because in the first two you can kinda see they have a biased point of view and not reliable story.” I agree with what he said about part three because it tells the point of view of the bystanders, not  of someone who was in the situation head on. The first two parts are kind of biased because they were told by people who were in the situation and the officer himself. The third part of the text wasn’t of any particular person’s point of view and just told the story as a bystander or reporter. Also, If I attended the zoom meeting I would have asked about the sub-lists that are due on friday. Some peoples lists have no similarities and I wanted to know what we do if there’s nothing in common in the list they chose.

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