Shaun Mazyck /Zoom meeting 1

unfortunately I was unable to attend the first zoom meeting but i watched the zoom recording and can see that ill have a good time this semester i enjoyed listening and the professor was very helpful and he also seemed friendly I enjoy talking about a topic and going back an forth to understand each persons side and how the see and feel about the certain situation or issue that  might be discussed in class I will ask questions and have my camera on most of the time i also got a better hold on how to use openlab I was behind but the recording helped me get a better understanding i am glad that were on the topic about the discrimination towards the black community when we first started i was on my way back from a family vacation and i had to jump right in as soon as i got home and i am a freshman so this was new to me and overwhelmed but I’m getting the hang of In the recording it was giving a strong meaning on how the girl explains words can me nothing in the beginning but over time can develop into something more


I am enjoying the class so far so I’m looking forward to the next class

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