Maram Awadh Zoom Mtg 5 Summary

I was unable to attend Wednesday’s zoom meeting but if I was there I would have shared my Anaphora list (I made a list while watching the zoom recording) and explained that the reason I chose to repeat the word “friends” was because it relates to my essay #1. While listening to the zoom meeting I learned what a Anaphora was, before attending the recording I didn’t really know what it was and was confused about Friday’s assignment but after listening to the zoom recording I figured out what a Anaphora list was and it made it easier for me to make my own list. We often see these lists in songs, texts, speeches, etc but I never knew there was an actual term for it. I found it really interesting when you said “lists can help us organize and build connections between different thoughts.” I agree with what you said because personally for me I like writing lists to help remind me of things I need to do like homework or chores. I write lists daily because it helps me stay organized and productive. I usually forget about assignments that are due so writing it down really helps me remember things. Also, the sub-list assignment was a way to help us make connections between topics that usually don’t have anything in common. It made me think outside the box and find something in common between unusual topics. The only question I have is about Essay 2, It says in the assignment that we need to include 2-3 texts in our essay, does it have to be a text we were assigned by you or any text ?

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