Maram Awadh Zoom Mtg 7 Summary

After watching the zoom recording I learned what a scholarly article actually is. I never really knew what it was exactly but this recording helped explain it to me. I’m familiar with Google Scholar because I used it to write my ten page research paper when I was a junior in highschool. My teacher made us use google scholar to find articles for us to include in our papers. Google scholar made it easier to find factual articles that are reliable and include evidence to prove or support their statement. When I would use google to search for articles, it wouldn’t give me an article with reliable facts. The articles were biased and did not provide any to little evidence to back up their claim and I knew if I used these articles they wouldn’t really help my essay, it would make my essay weak because there isn’t any solid evidence that backs up what my statement is. I’m glad that we get to use google scholar for our Essay #2 because it makes things way easier for us to find good articles to use in our essays. Also, I agree with what Dom said about people being disconnected from each other and they need a sense of connection by sticking in a group that have similar things in common like race, skin color, interests, etc. I agree with this because people tend to feel comfortable or safe around people that are just like them and have similar things in common. When they are around people like them, they don’t feel like an outcast.

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