Mehreen Khanom Media Share 7

In the text “Art at Arm’s Length”, Jerry Salz’ talks about how selfie has taken over people’s life. It states “What I love about selfies is that we then do a second thing after making them: We make them public.” People these days basically takes selfies to post it on social media. And some people will do anything to get the perfect one, sunkissed, nice view, with pets, with friends and family, and etc. What people don’t understand is what you see is not always true. In the article, it states “Almost half admitted editing them before posting and 27% say their photos online make their life look more exciting”, also “I’m not what I look like on social media.” It’s hard to find selfies with a natural face. Most of them are edited and photoshopped.  This is the genre of selfies.

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