Maram Awadh Media Share 7

I chose this article for my media share because it relates to Jerry Salz’ “Art at Arm’s Length.” The article that I chose talks about the negative effects of selfie’s and how it can affect someone’s self-esteem and confidence. I chose this particular article for this text because the text goes into depth of the art of selfies and it’s only fitting to mention the negative effects of it. Selfies may seem like it doesn’t do anything bad but nowadays on social media, selfies are manipulated and people use filters and photoshop to make themselves fit into these unrealistic beauty standards. Majority of the selfies we see on social media aren’t natural but people, especially young teens believe they are. This affects them because they’ll start to want to look like this and question themselves about why their selfies don’t come out that good and perfect. In reality, those selfies on social media aren’t real.

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