Maram Awadh Media Share 6


  1. This picture relates to the topic of internet addictions that were discussed in Christopher Lane “Addicted to Addiction”, Jerald G. Block “Issues for DSM-5: Internet Addiction” and Griffiths et al.“The Evolution of Internet Addiction.” These texts all talk about the negative effect of internet addictions and how the majority of us are addicted to our phones. I chose this picture because it truly shows how being addicted to your phone can affect your social life. In the picture you can see that they’re on a date and instead of him paying attention to the girl, he’s on his phone. The girl is seen being upset or bored because he’s not chatting with her and is just obsessed with his phone. This can affect him negatively because she won’t want to go on a date with him anymore and he’s not going to have a social life if he continues doing this. Internet addiction is a huge problem nowadays because we use our phones everyday. Learning how to take time off and be social with the people around you, can benefit you way more than being on your phone all the time.
  2. While reading these texts I had an idea about writing about social media and the negative influence it has on us, especially young people who believe everything they see on the internet. A song that relates to this topic is Damon Albarn “Everyday Robots.” This song also fits in with what the texts are talking about which is internet addiction. In the song, it says that we’re basically like robots because we’re constantly on the internet and not doing anything else with our life’s. The internet has taken control of our lives.

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