Maram Awadh Media Share 5

For this week’s media share I chose this art piece that relates to Serpells “Triptych:Texas Pool Party” text. The reason I chose this is because the incident in the text involved police brutality. A African American teenage girl was violently restrained by one of the police officers called to the area. The cop also pulled out his gun to the teenagers who were at the party as well. This is one of the many incidents where police have been rough and used excessive force especially to African Americans in the United States. This picture relates to the text because we can see the police officer reach for his gun but there isn’t a reason for him to do that. We see innocent kids that are just staring at the officer causing no harm. There ain’t no threat for the officer to reach for his gun or taser. I chose this picture for this text because they both highlight police brutality against African Amerians in the United States.

1 thought on “Maram Awadh Media Share 5”

  1. Maram,
    This image interests me for two reasons (at least):
    1–the race(s) of the children being approached by the police officer
    2–the writing on the police officer’s uniform—it appears to be…Spanish?
    What do you think the implications of these two details are?

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