Read and React #5.

In my Human Resources Management class, a concept that caught my attention was training and development. During training, this is to educate and guide a person. However, during development, it is to see how much you have utilized and evolved in what you have been trained for. In a company, this is what brings success, when workers are trained properly and increasingly developed.

In the article “Training Versus Development” by Willam Fitzgerald, it doesn’t talk about training AND development as a whole, but rather the difference between the two. Although, both are important they highly compare. The article defines training as “the acquisition of knowledge and skill for present tasks and a tool to help individuals contribute to the organization and be successful in their current positions. The article now determines development as “the acquisition of knowledge and skill that may be used in the present or future and the preparation of individuals to enrich the organization in the future.” Development in an employee will always happen after they are trained.

The workers are essential to a company. Establishing yourself and advancing is fundamental in order for people to meet new obstacles and ensure long term stability in the organization. In the article, development is looked more as a long term focal point which can take a couple of years rather than training, which is considerably short term, as in a year or less. Training should never take that long.

Training and development is highly crucial to a company. If workers are not trained properly, they cannot develop properly either. I believe this concept is top priority in a business and should not be ignored.



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  1. Amanda Ducos says:

    I completely agree that training and development are very important for the growth of a business and I also find it very interesting that the article that you found specifies their differences rather then how they go hand in hand. While taking the Human Resource Management class this was a major topic that was discussed and did catch a lot of people attention. This topic is apart of any and every business and how they can make themselves relevant through the staff that they hire. I have learned the differences between the two but it was very interesting to see actual definitions of how they are two completely different aspects of your time at a company.

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