Read and React #4

I am thankful that I am part of the PM housekeeping team at the All-Star Resort, even though my shift is 4:00 pm-12: 30 am since the beginning of my program. So far during my time here working at night my team of PM housekeepers we have more responsibility over all three themes within All-Star Resorts. As AM housekeepers although they do not get enough guest interactions, in my role I get to do more than guest interactions. Before the team gets their assignments we have a breakout meeting and our leaders always encourage us to create magic in the best way we can. When I get the role as a runner or breaker or rooms cleaner I try my best to go above and beyond. For example one time I was delivering towels and shampoos and I when I got to the room the children in the room greeted me and were full excitement and had asked me if I knew how to make mickey ears out of the towels since they did not see one. I told them I would go back and grab more towels to make them, once I got to the room I started to make the mickey ears and face and the children’s face was priceless they were so excited and happy they got their ears. When I am doing rooms for the night I feel like I have more guest interaction because most of the time when I am assigned to do a room the guest is in the room and this gives me the ability to interact with them. For example if I’m doing a late room service and the guest is there I ask then how their day was, which parks have they been to, where are they from, and etc.

Creating the magic is not just making mickey or animal towels, its also guest interaction. When you give that guest or princess or prince your full attention you make them feel special and all about them. You are creating a moment where they will always remember whether it’s a conversation or a simple question with an answer. When I give that guest my full attention and I know they are laughing, smiling or leaving with a big smile on their face I know I created magic for them.

In return the cast members get back magic as well. During the summer in the month of August we had international housekeeping week, where the whole week was dedicated to the housekeepers. Starting on Sunday we through Saturday each day we would receive a bag of goodies and treats and on Thursday we had a dinner party with meet and greets with two queens Maleficent and the Evil Queen. Everyone had a great time including myself. As a souviner we also got a plastic food container engraved with All Star Resorts. The magic will always continue for onstage and backstage. The magic starts with you and from there you have the power, magic, and pixie dust to create your own for others. Our leaders always give us ideas and remind us to always create magic when we are doing our jobs. The perks for working with the Walt Disney World Company are a great amount of feedback the cast members get for their work.

The factors reviewed in this article on why do employees stay?, I strongly agree that long term employees decide to stay with the company and are a huge impact to new employees because they have grown and developed themselves in their role. These employees as well have been starting from one role to another motivating themselves and moving up with the company, seeing themselves as role models.

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  1. Allison Tam says:

    I agree with you Carol at Disney making magic is more than making towels but the guests interactions. I am happy for you that you got to have more guests interaction than the AM housekeeping team and it is interesting that you love what your role is. From reading your read and react I can really tell that you are passionate about bring magic everywhere you went even with the simple things. Disney is amazing that they have a week to celebrate housekeeping and it sound a lot of fun. When I am down at Disney I hope that I can bring magic and pixie dusts everywhere I go too.

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