Read and React 3

To Goodlad: I know this reading assignment was due few weeks ago but I totally forgot about it. I hope I will still be able to earn some credit even though this post is completely late.

After working at Pop Century for quite awhile, I was able to trail down one particular manager who is not in my building. His name is Eric Brattlie and I was able to give him a one on one interview based on his journey as a leader and what might be some challenges and difficulties when becoming a manager. I still haven’t done any managerial tasks however I did find out that my manager Eric started off as a CP in lifeguard. From there, he ended up becoming full time. With hard work and dedication, he became a coordinator. Afterwards he applied for the leadership casting call and got in as a manager.

What strikes me about Eric is that he is never very direct. He is always in the middle ground and is never judgmental or bias. He is a good manager that listens to all sides of the story. And according to this article, I completely agree that you should never try to build a clique because you would end up losing focus to all the people around you. Eric is very open and never chooses favorites. He treats everyone equally and is respectful.

From organizational leadership class, I learned that Disney wants a manager who is willing to be initiative and takes risk, has character and charisma and someone who is good at problem solving. I have some flaws in me that wouldn’t make me quite a good manager yet but I can always improve.


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