Internship Week 8 Entry

I finally met Joyce in person. She’s nice and energetic but she doesn’t seem to listen to me like Monil does. She also interrupts me a lot without hearing me out. I’m at least glad that Monil sees value in the cases I make.

This week I’ll be working with Joyce to create mockups for the redesign of our Cause page. Cause first then Our Difference. The current issue with the cause page is that it’s a lot of fluff, a lot of text that I don’t expect anyone to read. They say they don’t want to force the cause on anyone so it’s okay to have a lot of text, even though they’re getting rid of some of it and replacing it with a 6 minute video. The biggest challenge is making people understand the cause, because I hardly understand it.

The Diamond Development Initiative (from what I understand) provides services and resources to artisanal diamond miners like schooling and ethical conditions. When I clarified this with Monil he said yes, that’s the simple part of it, but there’s a more complex part, the more important part that they want people to know, but failed to explain it to me.

Anyways, this shouldn’t be too difficult considering they already have a plan and outline of what we’re doing, and new copy (even though we need newer copy to understand the cause) and at this point it’s just a matter of finding images and maybe combining them with graphics. We need this also for the landing/home page which I feel needs the most work.

After this we’ll redesign the Our Difference page, with new infographics. Then hopefully the landing page. We’re going to be having a pop-up soon, at the end of April or May (in my experience with the rate they get things done well, I’m hoping for May), so they would like the page to be mostly redesigned by then.

They need to redesign their hideous business cards too dear god I don’t have one to show but I had to talk him out of handing them out at the shop. Hideous badly cut matte dark blue with a yellow A for Antandre printed on that’s supposed to look like gold but looks like american cheese. I’m not religious but I’m hopeful for him. I showed him gold foiling that Moo provides, but he doesn’t like spending money.

This Wednesday I’m going to his sister’s company trade show at one of the locations we’re looking to get into for the pop up. It’s a place that has several vendors at once but only high end fashion things. He says it can be educational. I’ll see.