Internship Week 6 Entry

It’s been pretty uneventful at my internship since the campaign. I was sick and had to delay our weekly meeting to later in the week. All I’ve had to do since was continue finalizing font choices for the redesign of the website. Everyone was pretty much doing their own thing, Monil recuperating from his trip to Hong Kong, Joyce returning to NY from whatever she was doing for a month in LA.

I finally found out what she does. She’s a gemologist who studied graphic design and is now studying the gem thing and is also studying business? Or something. But also working elsewhere? Honestly I’m still not sure and it makes working with her difficult because I can’t tell if her suggestions come from any sort of educated background or what she likes or dislikes as a person. She’s also older than I thought she’d be, replying to things with “awesome possum.” It turns out Monil is actually trying to get her to become his partner in this company. All the luck to them both.

I’m going to be getting into advertising now. He gave me access to the company facebook page, giving me insight into Facebook marketing, and MailChimp so I can also see the mailers as Ryan makes them. I’ll be coming up with ideas for display ads on social media as well as affiliate marketing, which I’m not entirely sure how we’ll pull off considering the price of our product and what that requires.

I’m still not totally understanding affiliate marketing but I’ll get there. I didn’t realize how difficult jewelry ads are until I started researching other brands display ads. It’s harder than fashion or accessories. Especially for a new company with no identity. But I’m actually looking forward to this. I think I can learn a lot about advertising from this.