Internship Week 12 Entry

With finals approaching (mainly senior project) and the Antandre event approaching, things have been fairly slow. This week all I had to do was some print collateral for the event. I have made a page about the cause we support, Diamond Development Initiative:

A postcard about the company:

And a small info card for a pendant given to certain guests of the press event:

I didn’t particularly mind doing these things, it’s just that I wish they were more specific with their requests. Instead I have to constantly ask for clarification and I was never given content to begin with. This is one of the many projects I had to start blindly and it’s content heavy which made it particularly difficult. I’m also not crazy about the, the post card especially. And this is AFTER we got rid of some text. However I did see the ones they used previously and it was so much worse, the letters were cut off and everything. I also didn’t have the best resolution images to work with. For the DDI especially, I had to pull all the images directly off their site and they’re terrible. My boss doesn’t seem to care about these things. But I’m becoming increasingly stressed with school and unmotivated with this internship.

But hey, if he’s happy, I’m happy.