Internship Week 14 Entry

Today was the Antandre pop up event at Dreams on Air. It was supposed to be a press night, a big anticipated night. The event took place from 5-7 but the pop up is here until Sunday.

I got there at 4:30, to deliver the box and to help set up. They had almost nothing done. I helped arrange all the jewelry. Then I hung out for a bit, my boyfriend came because I was made to believe that there were going to be a lot of people there, like the Dreams on Air launch party that I went to a month ago when it was SUPER packed, and I have social anxiety so it helps when he’s there.

5 people came. In 2 hours. The place was empty. I know one girl was from Vanity fair, I don’t know about the others. We even left in the middle of it to go eat and come back. The whole event was a flop. The didn’t sell a thing.

It was cool to see things I made actually in use and on display. The jewelry display was pretty nice too. They bought their own cases which are better than the clear plastic boxes the venue provides, although they didn’t really think it through and everything was designed on the spot.