Internship Week 1 Entry

Last week I began this class without an internship. Discouraged and worried I was considering dropping the class until the summer not to lose money on this course, in fear that it was too late to find an internship. I thought if I start applying now to summer internships I’d have a higher chance of being hired for some, and a higher chance of finding a paid one.

After last week’s class I contacted someone I previously had some classes with because I remembered weeks before he posted on the City Tech Facebook page that the company he works for was looking for a design intern. He told me he received no responses and that they are still looking so I emailed him my resume and portfolio to forward to Antandre Co. Someone got back to me the next day requesting a phone interview that took place the following Friday. It was somewhat lengthy, going over the basics, about the company, about my work experience and my portfolio as well as what I aim to gain out of this internship. They sounded like they were in need of services that I can offer them.

Three days later they sent me a formal internship offer, giving me three days to respond and an internship agreement form that I had to send back signed. That same day, I heard back from another internship (paid) that wanted to set up an interview. Because of this new opportunity I decided to wait the full three days until responding to see whether I am presented with a better opportunity. That company never responded so today I sent my acception letter and signed form and am now waiting for more details, such as a start date.

Antandre Co. is a jewelry company from India that’s fairly recent. From what it sounded like when I spoke to them, and from their jewelry itself, it sounded like the have a focus on their diamonds. They mentioned wanting to inform their customers about the diamond mines they support and create infographics that inform people about their diamonds. They also want to improve if not rebrand their website because they feel it does not connect with their target audience, which are “older women” and after looking at their website and social media pages, I agree.

Reading Response
I found these articles to be not only relatable but also scary. They gave me insight into what recruiters look for but also how the job market has changed and so had the type of candidates they look for. I agree with Tony Wagner as quoted in “How to Get a Job” that to be marketable, no one cares about what you know but rather “what you can do with what you know”, and it makes sense, especially in our field where knowing the principles of something isn’t enough for the interviewer to want to hire you, but to see that you can apply your knowledge to your work or to provide them with solutions. Because of this, besides having a portfolio I like to include in a cover letter at least that I can provide solutions to the company I am looking for with problem-solving skills. It is worrisome, though, how much the job searching game has changed, and how many graduates, especially creatives, are finding themselves stuck in internships and can’t seem to find jobs, even after a 4th internships. I myself have only recently been hired for an internship that does not pay and does not promise or even suggest a possibility of a job at the end, which after reading these articles, makes me worry about my job search after graduation, which will be this semester. Will I also find myself working internship after internship (especially unpaid) or will I luck out and find a paying internship that leads to a job?