Internship Week 4 Entry

I had a meeting Friday at the office, having to have presented my color palette for the brand. I felt like it was without purpose. I presented my color palette with mockups of the website, demonstrating how and where it would be used for the discussion to end in “Joyce (I still don’t know who she is but I know she has higher ranking than anyone besides Monil the founder) suggested that instead of trying to incorporate the palette now we sort of work backwards.” I’m still not sure what this means. Anything they explain only momentarily makes sense then on to the next.

I finally met someone else on the team, Micheal. He’s from Ireland, finishing school here briefly. I don’t know where he goes but I think it’s one of those artsy schools like SVA, Parsons or Pratt. I think he’s a photographer, at least that is what he is doing for the company, that and campaign development which I am now a part of as well, along with Joyce. After having had a chance to talk to everyone I feel that from a creative standpoint its Michael that I’m on the same page with.

So this is how I became a part of the campaign. Our next campaign is a 3-4 piece shoot for International Women’s Day on March 8th. They still don’t know what they want to do. They want to do the #BeBoldforChange thing, something that apparently upholds like 4-5 points of Women’s day. But they also want to be artistically bold, like an editorial graphicy fashion shoot kinda thing. They originally wanted to use a model. Jewelry obviously has to be shown. But it also has to incorporate the Antandre brand. I have no idea how they plan on showing ALL of this.

Models: I remember seeing a discussion they were having when designing mailers with photos they took at New York Fashion Week. They were saying they decided not to go with an Asian model because her facial features were a little chiseled and masculine and did not look like an “Antandre woman”.

So being the feminist that I am, after hearing the two men discussing choosing a model for International Women’s Day shoot, I got scared an asked to help choose a model, offering up that they need a female perspective as my excuse, which wasn’t entirely wrong but not the main reason.

However, I only asked to help choose models, not actually come up with concepts for the campaign. I guess I’m doing that now though. I don’t really mind I think it’s exciting, but not when they message me at 10 PM on a Sunday night to discuss.

Now after everything they don’t even want to use a model.