Internship Week 2 Entry

I have been working for Antandre Co. for two weeks now and have mixed feelings. I’m torn between feeling that I’m not doing enough but at the same time I’m finding it difficult to set aside time for my homework and for other things, but this can partially be due to me being lazy and being home almost everyday.

So far I enjoy working for the company, even though I have a difficult time explaining what I am doing. So far I have created an Instagram post for Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s day, both of which I was asked to complete day of. If I had any complaints, is that it doesn’t seem like there’s a set schedule or due dates for projects, which makes it difficult for me to plan around them.

The other assignments I have no complaints about as they are assigned to me during our meetings every Monday. I only come in once a week to meet with my boss, their office space is very small, in the diamond district and shared with his parents and sister who have their own jewelry businesses going on. There isn’t a place where I can stay and work so I have to work from home. On hand that is preferable because I don’t have to travel so far and so often but on the other hand it’s difficult because I get distracted easily or I sleep too late and hours put in are not steady.

This company is a start up and don’t quite have an image of their own or consistency. Working with the team I am currently coming up with color palettes and type treatments that will become their identity. It’s fun and it’s what I enjoy doing but challenging because it doesn’t seem like they have a full conception of what they want themselves. So far I have only worked with the founder, communicating with the rest of the team over slack. I have not met anyone yet but will finally be meeting one other member this Friday and will be conferencing with another member who is currently in LA. So far I enjoy working with Monil because if anyone has an idea of what they want it is him (it being his company) and that he is very open minded and is constantly doing research to be able to work with us.

I think these two weeks I’m starting off slow so I can become a little bit more familiar with the company and we are about to move onto a bigger campaign and I am really looking forward to it. This internship so far seems very hands-on and involved which is just what I was hoping for.