Internship Week 13 Entry

So this week is an interesting week. My boss wanted to have the new shipping box displayed at the event to introduce the home try on service. However, not only did he fail to get it gold foiled in time, he failed to print it in time. So, I made the thing by hand.

The biggest issue was the gold foiling. We bought some Speedball metal leaf from Blick so I can try to do it myself. It failed. The problem was that the lines of the letters of the logo were so thin as well as the serifs I couldn’t carefully apply adhesive on it. And not only that but the foil hardly even took to the adhesive.

The most difficult part of making the box was getting the logo to look not so hand drawn and painted.

Then painting the letters in gold in, carefully and neatly.

It still looked obviously painted. At least to me. But that’s at this stage. Once I finished the box and looked at it from a distance, I was more pleased.

I couldn’t match the colors exactly. I painted this with gouache, using only three primary colors, white and black, and I am very much out of practice. But it came close and people loved the colors.

It was a cool project, it was fun to do something hands on again. However it was stressful. This took two days to make, including trial and error. It was both the week of the event and the week before my senior project due date (which is honestly more of a priority to me). I was stressed because I wasn’t sure if they were going to end up using it or not because it looked painted, and it took so much time, and I didn’t get paid for it. They ended up using it, he loved it. Hip hip hoorah.