Internship Week 10 Entry

With the semester coming to an end, I have been feeling less and less motivated to do work for my internship, as I am scrambling to finish all my school projects, finalize my portfolio, and find a summer internship (which I still haven’t).

I haven’t really been working on new projects, except for an invite I did for our upcoming pop up that I am not crazy about.

The pictures aren’t the greatest for what I was trying to achieve, and my photoshop skills still suck (note the drop shadows) however they are so so vague and ambiguous with what they want that I have to start with something so random, send it to them, and have them send me a mockup of what they’re looking for (this). I wish we had new product images already.

I finalized the cause page. I think it can use a bit more work but all of our content, images included is pulled from the Diamond Development Industry’s site and their pictures are horrible. I feel like I’m regressing (is that the word)? Like instead of getting better I’m doing worse. After this I redo the mission page which will be easier since it’ll basically be the same layout with basic infographics.

And again, I’m not getting paid, I have three weeks left, so I find it harder to care.

I am, however redesigning their shipping boxes for the at home try on service. This is a project I do like because it allows me to be more creative in my own style. I have never done packaging design before so it’s challenging but I love learning new things like this. I gave them two designs.

This is the one I prefer.

This is the one they chose.

It’s okay though, I still like this one too. I’m just a bit more chaotic so I prefer the first one. Either way it’s a ton better than their current hideous dark blue box with an ugly yellow A.

I think next will be print collateral for the pop up, like an outside sign IF the location allows for it, because there will be other brands their too. Anyways, it’ll be over soon.