Internship Week 5 Entry

This was a crazy stressful 2 days. Two days because that’s how much time we had to work on this Women’s Day “campaign”. By two days I actually mean 2 weeks, but everything was left until the last minutes.

Micheal and I created an idea and presentations for the campaign, stating also exactly what we need. For two weeks we were discussing this and for two weeks we were looking for models (and could have still used the original model who in my opinion works best for the company at this point).

Monday: Micheal and I arrive to find that we are doing the shoot in this crap conference room, bright with sunlight from broken blinds, walls all scratched up, giant conference table. Oh, and photography lamps (I don’t know what these are called) with no bulbs. And no model. Instead we have Mobile’s (the boss) sister’s hands.

Monil leaves to go search for bulbs while Micheal and I try to figure out how to put these things together, we tape a white tri-board to the wall (like the ones kids use in science fairs) because that’s all we have as a background. Monil comes back with 6 wrong bulbs. They both leave again to go find new bulbs and come back empty handed.

Monil’s sister has a terrible ugly colored manicure, we tell Monil it would be best with just clear polish, she instead redoes the manicure, no better than the first time.

The shoot itself I can’t really describe. We just had to make the best with what we had and rely on what Monil likes to call our “computer magic”. K.

Tuesday: Micheal is supposed to send me the retouched images, as well as the raw images just in case. Instead he sends me the raw images and retouched images already with the color shape compositions that I was supposed to do. I can’t edit them out, and the weren’t even resized to the correct dimensions so it would’ve been mostly cropped out anyway.

The problem is Micheal is unavailable for the rest of that day until the following week, and this was due the following day. I managed to get a hold of him as he was heading out and got him to send me the retouched images before the composition.

So the rest of the day was spent trying to put together this 5 images campaign that I spent 10 hours on, on this campaign that I don’t even want to be associated with, and was relieved when they found they “couldn’t tag me in, for some reason.”

Useful experience. I learned something. These things take not only time, but also money. Especially for a company that charges over $1,000 a piece. Hopefully the next shoot and campaign won’t be so improvised.