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In Loving Memory of My Dad, Donnell Greene

This photo was taken in Brooklyn East, New York in my home. My dad passed away on March 26, 2015, in Jamaica Hospital from heart failure. Anybody that was in my dad’s presence would smile or laugh as hard as they could because my dad was always smiling, pitching your cheeks, or laughing. He had such an infectious laugh. Even on his death bed he was still smiling. I cried for him to stay but his tears, along with his smile told me that it was time for him to go. My dad was a gentle giant. He always had my back whenever it was needed. I will miss my dad, of course he was my anchor. I love you Dad!!! 20150506_103057-1

Shaquanna Arnette


Photo was taken in Brooklyn, East New York, Linden Blvd, between Cresent & Hemlock. The person being commemorated is Shaquanna Arnette. Arnette was two years old when she departed this world. Arnette’s mother moved the two of them to St.Thomas to live with her boyfriend. In St. Thomas the boyfriend raped, beat, and burned Arnette on a stove. The boyfriend served nine months because there was no law for child abuse in 1992. Arnette is being honored because there’s is now a Shaquanna law put into place so nothing like this can again. This story can be found online,(St. Thomas paper.) During Arnette’s short life she was a very sweet baby. This story broke my heart because I have two little girls.



Walking Memorial


Photo was taken in Bronx, New York, on Webster Avenue. The person being commemorated in this photo is Angie Cruz. Cruz was a loving wife, mother, sister, aunt, and grandmother of eight grandchildren. In 1993 Cruz started to get sick, late 1994 she died due to her sickness. When I asked Cruz family about her, as the family members spoke I felt the love she brought to their lives. I feel, as if Cruz was a caring, beautiful person inside and out. I wish that I had the opportunity to meet her, and I wish she could have had the opportunity to meet my children; her great grandchildren.

Tanya Grant-Copeland

Photo was taken in Brooklyn, East New York, on Ashford Street, between Stanley & Linden Blvd. The person being commemorated in this photo is Tanya Grant-Copeland. Copeland was a drummerin a non profit band located in Brooklyn. One evening after band practice Copeland was walking home when she was viciously attacked. Someone stab her in her neck, back, and abdomen more than 30 times. More information about Copeland can be found,,

In loving Memory of Princess Tay-Tay

Photo was taken in Brooklyn, East New York. The person being commemorated in this photo is Zsatavia F. Haynes. She was also know to everyone that knew her as princess Tay-Tay. Born in Brookdale Hospital located in Brooklyn, East New York at one pound and a few inches. She’s being honored due to her life ending at the age of nineteen, on February 13, 2011. Doctor’s said she would not live pass her tenth birthday because she had cerebral palsy, which left her unable to walk, talk, or feed herself. Even with all her disadvantages she still was able to speak without words with her bright smile, she would scream with excitement whenever some one she adore walked into a room, and she would cry whenever she was disappointed. She could not speak, but left a big void in everyone heart with her departure. 20150317_144146-1