In loving Memory of Princess Tay-Tay

Photo was taken in Brooklyn, East New York. The person being commemorated in this photo is Zsatavia F. Haynes. She was also know to everyone that knew her as princess Tay-Tay. Born in Brookdale Hospital located in Brooklyn, East New York at one pound and a few inches. She’s being honored due to her life ending at the age of nineteen, on February 13, 2011. Doctor’s said she would not live pass her tenth birthday because she had cerebral palsy, which left her unable to walk, talk, or feed herself. Even with all her disadvantages she still was able to speak without words with her bright smile, she would scream with excitement whenever some one she adore walked into a room, and she would cry whenever she was disappointed. She could not speak, but left a big void in everyone heart with her departure. 20150317_144146-1

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