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Isaiah Sheffer


  1. I took this photo right up the block from the elementary school I went to, PS.75. This is Symphony Space, a performing arts center located on West 95th street and Broadway.
  2. Isaiah Sheffer is being commemorated after this place because he was the co-founder along with Allan Miller. Symphony Space was created in 1978. “Isaiah transformed a crumbling building on the corner of 95th Street and Broadway into the vibrant arts institution known today as Symphony Space” as said on the Symphony Space Website 
  3. Personally I feel like its only right for the place to be commemorated after Isaiah Sheffer, after all he pretty much built this place from scratch.

Odessa Steward


  1. I took this picture in my neighborhood; this is the street I live on.
  2. The person being commemorated in this picture is a woman that lived in my building. Her name is Odessa Steward. She is was known for all the things she has done for everyone in the neighborhood. This isn’t the safest area, yet she always organized meetings on how we can work together to make the area better so we can all feels safer, such as the “Neighborhood Watch” where groups of people would volunteer to sit on a desk in the lobby of each of the buildings until a certain time. Of course that didn’t last long because not that many people volunteered, but she also organized Halloween and Christmas parties and used to put up decorations and lights. She always tried to keep everyone in the neighborhood together. 103rd street, the street she lived on, was renamed in honor of Odessa Steward.
  3. This Street event happened 5 years ago and I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I was on my way home from school and i was so happy to see this. This women had a beautiful heart and she will always be remembered.