Our Places: How We Commemorate

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It was April 28, 2017, I was at home in Brooklyn. talking to dad and he began to tell me explain to me; what happened to my little brother at his school. He was sent home with a permission slip asking permission to take a test for STD. It just so happened that my brother never got his permission slip signed and ended up getting tested at his high school anyway without his parent consent for the purposes of statistics between 15-18 year olds in mostly dominant African American school. As a school there responsible for whatever goes on with my little brother between 8:15 a.m to 3:50 p.m. I believe this was due to racial profiling; which led me to write about him.

Michel Brown an 18 year old African American man who was shot by a police officer on August  9, 2014 in Ferguson Missouri. However the way that he died was unfair to me and the others who have been protesting on his behalf. He was being honored because he was a young black teen who was also unarmed but still killed.He had no weapon but he was gunned down similarly to trayvon Martin who was also gunned down unfairly for just wearing a hooded sweater. Michel Brown’s 2-3 year anniversary of his death was being honored in Brooklyn New York. I liked this commemoration because it remind me of the young black teenagers in our community that still face this problem today like my brother. This photograph came from this website http://news.stlpublicradio.org/post/michael-brown-sr-helps-take-apart-worldwide-symbol-his-sons-legacy#stream/0 . Listen Live St. Louis Public Radio.

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