This Week in the OpenLab: End of Term Edition



(image by Estrategy via Creative Commons License)

As the 2013-2014 school year comes to an end, we thought we’d take a moment to remind everyone about a few options for the end of the term. These include how to export any site on the OL, how to archive a course, project or site, and how to transfer administration of a course, club or project to a new administrator, in case the original is graduating or leaving for other reasons.   Either way, have a great summer!



Basically transferring administration from one user to another involves the steps you can find here. Once a person is a member of a course, project or club, they can be promoted to admin and, if they like, remove the old administrator.

The only other step to remember is you might have to change the email associated with the site, because your site may still be affiliated with the old admin’s email address, and thus alerts will go to them, not the new admin.  You can do that under Settings>General on the dashboard of your site.



While we promise your work will be here for as long as you like, occasionally you might want to “save” a copy of a site on a particular day. Maybe at the end of the term, or just as you’re graduating, or if for some reason you want to “freeze” your portfolio for something like an application or tenure file. The OpenLab has a special plug-in for this, called StaticPress. You can activate it on the plug-ins page of your dashboard, and then follow the instructions you find here.



If for some reason you want to move a copy of your site to another WordPress installation, you can easily do that on the OpenLab.  We’ve covered this a few times, but thought it’s always good to remind people at the end of the term.  To import or export a site, follow these instructions.

And that’s it for the year!  Have a wonderful summer and, as always, contact us with any questions!

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